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Lead Magnet In A Day


You Want More Customers.

You Know You Need A Lead Magnet.

So Why Don't You Have One?

You Need To Be Collecting Emails

Emails are the life blood of any online business. It's doesn't matter if you are selling pizzas, photography, programming or pilates -- you need leads. And more than that, you need leads that will buy what you are selling.

In this free video, I explain why you need to build an email list and how to do it. Specifically, I teach you how to choose the right lead magnet for your ideal customers, how to create you lead magnet quickly, and how to get it on line and capturing leads for free.

Skeptical? What if I told you that I'll be teaching you the exact same method I used to create this lead magnet? Want to see behind the curtain? Just click the big yellow button and I'll immediately send you a free video that explains everything.  

Here's What You'll Learn

Why Leads Matter

The real reason that you should be collecting email leads, and how your business can die overnight without fresh leads.  Leads are the lifeblood of your business.

How To Choose

One of the biggest excuses people give me about lead magnets is that they are not sure what to create. I get it.  Don't worry.  I'll show you exactly how to choose your lead magnet.

How To Create

Another big obstacle people face is that they worry their lead magnet will take weeks (or months) to create.  I'll show you how to create your lead magnet in minutes or hours instead.

How To Deliver

Web technology can be both intimidating and frustrating.  I'll show you how to collect emails and deliver your lead magnet using an amazing free platform.

How To Promote

So, you have your lead magnet on line, and you are ready to collect leads.  But how do you get people to your landing page?  I'll cover some free options and we'll talk about paid choices too.

What To Do Next

Once you've collected your lead, what should you do next?  Don't worry, we will discuss that as well (and I will tell you how you can use a free platform to do it all).

About Mark

Mark Mason is the blogger, marketer and podcaster behind the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast.  Mark helps online business owners just like you start, build and grow internet-based businesses.

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